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by Grouce

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All lyrics written & performed by Grouce. All tracks produced by Grouce. Album cover artwork by Grouce. All tracks recorded, mixed & mastered by Grouce. © 2016 Grouce. All rights reserved. Unauthorised commercial use &/or unauthorised reproduction is prohibited. Made in Sydney, Australia.


released November 2, 2016

All lyrics written & performed by Grouce. All tracks produced by Grouce. Album cover artwork by Grouce. All tracks recorded, mixed & mastered by Grouce. © 2016 Grouce. All rights reserved. Unauthorised commercial use &/or unauthorised reproduction is prohibited. Made in Sydney, Australia.



all rights reserved


Grouce Sydney, Australia

Emcee & producer from Sydney, Australia.

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Track Name: G-Rated
Song: G-Rated
Artist: Grouce

Yeah, Grouce, G-Rated, I don’t think you fuckers know what you’re in for, let’s go...

Now in these days and times,
Everybody thinks they’re blazin’ rhymes,
Everybody's out there chasin’ dimes,
Everybody seems jaded, lookin’ mad and deflated.

Now in these days and times,
Everybody thinks they’re blazin’ rhymes,
Everybody's out there chasin’ dimes,
This album’s called G-Rated, it was made to be hated.

(Verse 1)
Who’s got that funk that makes your rump
Shake it up, I can’t help but take a dump
On each and every one of my haters
But not now this one's for the ladies
Dancing on the dancefloor,
I'm just here to help you transport
Into another dimension
A place that your mum didn’t mention
When you were growing up,
If you don’t like me, you obviously don’t know enough
To make an informed decision,
More precision, get ready for incision
Im’a get into your mind like your physician,
I made a beat to shake in your trunk
Wind up the windows, start a dutchie, we ain’t fakin’ the funk
Like I said, I’ll be takin’ dump on the haters
But I guess I’ll save that for laters


(Verse 2)
Im blazing through with amazing rhymes
But no one gives a shit in these days and times
I'm a cannabis junkie on some funky shit
And anyone who wants to hate can suck a monkey dick
Emcee slash producer
Femme fatale, look out, I’ll bash Medusa
With hash in one hand, the mic in the other,
When the fuck we stop likin’ each other,
I’ll take you up to Kakadu, beat you bloody black and blue,
Who the hell you rappin’ to, think of all the shit that doin’ that can do
Just get down to the beat, put your back into
It, this is the shit we get it crackin’ to
It’s crackalackin’, yeah, I’m back and packin’
Heat, it’s in the beat of this track I'm mackin’
Yeah, I'm mackin’ the beat, back on my feet,
Packin’ the heat, there ain’t a rapper that can compete


(Verse 3)
Verse 3, I can see that you’re thirsty
For more ‘cuz I'm keepin’ it raw
Like every time I'm knee-deep in a whore,
Whatchu you talkin’ ‘bout?
Don’t like my show? There’s the door, start walkin’ out,
This my song, no one else's
I keep my mind strong, like Paracelsus
This ain’t a bloody pop song,
I look around and see the look on your faces and think ‘what’s wrong?’
You all have gone soft
There's nothin’ left to call upon, before the bomb dropped
I was gettin’ primed, now I'm high in the sky,
And I'm fallin’ nonstop, ‘til I'm fallin’ on top, of the game
I'm off the chain, I'm off to train,
With Isis, ‘cuz America pays ‘em to start a crisis,
There's heaps of money they pay ‘em and that entices
Someone with no money to cut a man into slices

Track Name: You
Song Title: You
Artist Name: Grouce

(Verse 1)
I want a phat booty to wrap my hands ‘round,
I just wanna tell a bitch to pull her pants down,
Just so I can see her prance ‘round,
If you’re a freaky deaky lady, go and do a little dance now,
What I’ve got you’ve got to get it, put it in you
One thing that you must know is “before we continue,
The less you know the better”, we were made to go together
But don’t ask me what it is I’ve been through,
Once we’re all said and done, I’ll be man of the match,
Makin’ sure everyday to have my hand on a vaj
Ego-trippin’ like a man with a badge, and a gun
Or a man with a mansion and funds
With ganj in my lungs, hand me them damn sugar buns
And let’s jam, that was a stanza with puns,
It jams when it cums, it rams into bums,
Can even turn some tramps into mums...

I'm tryin’ to tell you, girl, I just want you in my world,
I can’t see myself with no one else, I just
Hope you feel the same way too, yo
I'm tryin’ to tell you, girl, I just want you in my world,
I can’t live without you, I just want you, girl,
Be with me and I’ll be with you

(Verse 2)
This is all just pent-up sexual frustration,
Come and meet me at the bus station
So we can hook-up, look up my name up on Google,
What you’ll find is a bunch of pics of my doodle,
We can go somewhere and share a noodle
Or go to this one place I know that sells strudel,
As long as we’re back at your friend’s home
And makin’ out just in time before the friend’s zone
Is where I’m put, I like hair on moot,
Well, I don't, but if that's what you're rockin’,
I don't care i would still get a wood,
Can't you see that I’ll treat you better than any man ever could,
Just give me one little tittie-suck
And I swear I won't ask you again for a pity-fuck,
I'm in the city stuck in bad traffic,
I’ll call back, it's causin’ mad havoc.


(Verse 3)
Ayo I’m back, baby, no need to act crazy,
Give me a chance, we’ll dance, cut me some slack, lady,
I got your back baby, like baby-back ribs
I’ll hit it from the back, while doin’ backflips,
I love your fat lips, covered in chapsticks,
While takin’ mad sips, or kickin’ some adlibs,
I love the way they move, come and give it a kiss,
My words are either a hit or a miss, tell me which is it,
I’ll give you ‘til the end of the verse
And if you say ‘miss’ you’ll have to send for a hearse,
Wait, I'm sorry that’s just my ugly side talkin’
Forget all that, I'm like this puppy I'm walkin’,
Sweet and innocent, hope to be skeetin’ into some
Twat before you find out that I'm not, what?
I'm just kiddin’, once bitten, twice shy,
We’ll play us a game of I-Spy.

Track Name: Baby
Song Title: Baby
Artist Name: Grouce

Baby, baby, you make me crazy, I said

(Verse 1)
Baby I've been crazy since the day we freakin’ met,
I'm behavin’ like a baby ‘cuz you make me freakin’ sweat,
Can you save me? I've been saving all my savings for the chance
That you’ll take me but then if you do, let me know in advance,
I’ma dance at your window, listen to the wind blow,
You will hear the sound of something always stuck in limbo,
A bimbo is what you're not, I'd rather die than watch you rot
With these fellas, I'm not jealous, I'm just thinkin’ “God, you’re hot”,
Whatchu got? Let me see, first I’ll play an mp3,
Now let’s do the tango, eat your mango til I'm ten feet deep
I’ll show you mine only if you show me yours,
If we play I don't believe that love should be the only cause,
We can keep it a secret between you and I,
We can freak to the beat, you can see through my eye,
And if you look hard enough to where the point hits the middle
You will see me standin’ there covered in dribble, because…


(Verse 2)
I can hear the music playin’ and it's layin’ down the beat,
Can you hear it? Well then why aren’t you tryin to move your feet,
Gets me thinkin’ why won't someone give me somethin’ I can feed off,
You provide the fuel for my rocket so I can speed off,
Sweat is not a turn-off, dancin’ with a Smirnoff
Is the greatest way to lose the weight you want to burn off,
Dancin’ like a gypsy biker fits me like a glove
Everytime I step onto the dancefloor,
There's always a chance for me to transform in a trance or
The chance to generate the heat to keep my hands warm,
A man’s born in a sandstorm
So I'm not afraid to dance in my automated pants
With my fornicated hands, I've coordinated plans
That are simple, they're meant to keep you blind to the fact,
Once we’re done make sure that you're mind is intact, because…


(Verse 3)
I just bought a mannequin, I'm namin’ her Chanel,
I want my picture taken by David LaChapelle
I've got a turtle and I'm shakin’ up it's shell,
I'm shavin’ off Michelle’s little curls, the girl smells
Like a bottle of Chanel No.5, I wonder why
We’re happy now that we’ve begun to fight,
S&M, so guess again,
When Simon says you should listen,
You listen to what he says and then
Go and do what you shouldn't like Andy Warhol,
All I want is to put it in Mandy Moore’s hole,
I'm scanning your skull, for any signs of life
The father of a farmer finds a wife
My bride’s the night, lights arrive
On the Earth and in the heavens, I've never been for a surf
On clouds, I guess I'm bogged down daily,
Walkin’ down the wrong route lately, because…

Track Name: I Hate You
Song Title: I Hate You
Artist Name: Grouce

Ladies and gentlemen, live in this motherfucker…
It's the Grouce, I hate you so much,
That's right, oh you didn’t get the memo? Oh that's a shame then…
It's the Grouce, I hate you so very much,
Anyways, let’s start the show… biatch!

(Verse 1)
Bro I'm fully sick, actin’ like a prick,
Grabbin’ at my dick while talkin’ to a chick,
Smokin’ up a stick while sparkin’ up a Bic
Lighter after drinkin’ a can of cider,
I might o’ said somethin’ I shouldn’t,
I wouldn't doubt that, tap on the wooden
Table three times just for luck,
Hey girls, my dick wants us to fuck,
I must've fucked up and fucked this up
When I said ‘fuck’ the first time, fuck this slut,
I'ma fuck this verse up worse than what bullies do to the nerds,
I'm fucking this up and it fully hurts,
This rhyme is a bitch, so I'm gonna hitch a ride
And try climbin’ the bitch with Simon and Mitch,
This rhyme is a bitch, so this bitch she deserves
Nothing less than these three words -

I hate you… Hope you motherfuckers all die,
While suckin’ a dick, I’ll be there puffin’ a stick,
I hate you… Nah, nah, I'm only jokin’
Or maybe I'm not, baby, you’ve got to know that
I hate you… Oh yea I'm goin’ nutters,
I hate you so much it makes me wanna go and kill the mothers
That raised you… Fuckin’ bitch, suck a dick, bitch I hate you…

(Verse 2)
Suck a fat dick, eat on that shit
Until you hiccup, eat that fuckin’ dick up,
Who gives a fuck what you think, fuck that shit,
You hear me, bitch? Suck that dick,
Fuck you, fuck him and fuck her,
Fuck the globe in a fuckin’ robe
‘Til I fuckin’ blow, fuckin’ no,
I don’t give a fuck about this that and the other,
I’ll piss on you and crap on your mother,
Yeah I fuckin’ swear a lot
And it’s got people talkin’ ‘bout me
Whether I'm fuckin’ there or not
You fuckin’ love it, I put nothin’ above it,
My foot’s stuck in a puppet, what the fuck?
This is kickarse, get my foot stuck up your butt
And plug that shit shut,
Keep your fuckin’ lips zipped up
And only unzip when I unzip to get my dick sucked


(Verse 3)
Quit it with the strip tease, you’re nothin’ but a prick tease,
I’ll feed you fuckin’ dick cheese,
In my dreams, bitch? Listen, you can lick deez - nuts
Bitch please, you’re a prick tease,
There I said it, I do not regret it,
Now try to get it together, I will no edit out any word, forget it
And to my credit, I haven't told you to go fuck yourself
‘Cause I wanna do that, it helps with a brother’s health
But I know that ain’t gonna happen,
You’ve made that perfectly clear, that's why I'm rappin’,
All I wanted was to give that arse a tappin’
But now that I can be honest, quit the fuckin’ yappin’,
Shut the fuck up, you've only had one cup
Of gin, now you're actin’ drunk, you dumb fuck,
Fuck, fuck, cunt, shit, fuck,
Screw your arse, I'm off to the strip club…


(Verse 4)
How can I be back if I never left,
Stay away, today I'm feelin’ real bereft,
Ayo, to that bitch at Kfc that fucked up my order,
I should o’ smacked your face like “why I ought’a”,
Blaow, what the fuck now,
Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down,
You’ll be found gagged and bound,
You’ll find your fuckin’ body being dragged around,
For the dummies who need a disclaimer,
Keep in mind I'm just an entertainer,
‘Cause it can cause an arresting silence
At a protest against domestic violence,
Yea I'ma joke, and I don't give a fuck so
Go lick my fuckin’ nuts, hoe,
You don't think I'm fuckin’ nuts, bro?
Go stick your fuckin’ nose where it don't belong,
Who gives a shit about them hoes when their clothes are on,
I'm screamin’ “bingo!” when my dick goes into a bimbo,
I wanna make it into the end zone
But bitches keep on puttin’ me into the friend’s zone,
I’ll pop an endone with some headphones on,
I’ll pretend no one’s watchin’ when I then go bomb
Every tenth hoe in the tenth row, blonde,
Brunette, yeah you bet, I’ll blow ten loads on…

Track Name: Tell 'Em
Song Title: Tell ‘Em
Artist Name: Grouce

Yeah, Grouce, another Grouce production, yo,
Yeah, welcome, it’s good to have you here, yo,
Anyone, anyone talkin’ shit, fuck’ em, let’s get down to this one…

(Verse 1)
Let me tell you what to say,
If a motherfucker wants to come around your way
Givin’ you some grief about this song
Sayin’ you shouldn't play it but you keep on shoutin’ “Wrong!”
“You don't know what you are sayin’!”
Tell ‘em best to keep their trap shut,
Other whack-fuck raps suck,
They get hit with a mack truck,
My back’s stuck between a rock and a hard place,
They're all up on my tail like a cop in a car chase,
These motherfuckers don't know shit,
Stick a pogo stick up every rapper in a promo pic,
There’s the haters right now eating a homo dick,
Take a photo quick, and that so no prick
Tries some shit, I'm keepin’ my eyes a bit
Wide open and peeled, for real, I die hopin’
That no one says my name in vain,
Let a cunt do his thing, you do yours, it's as plain as Jane…

Anyone who says you should not be
Listening to one of my songs,
Tell ‘em they can go get fucked, don't
Listen to a word that these gronks
Have been sayin’, yeah they don't like me,
I don't give a fuck what they say,
If they knew me they would know by now
On any given day…

Anyone who acts up, gets put down,
The next cunt, that looks down
On me gets a big middle finger up in their face,
I don't care, I'ma tell them now,
Anyone who acts up, gets put down,
The next cunt, that looks down
On me gets a big middle finger up in their face,
Tell them cunts not to fuck around…
(Verse 2)
I say some crazy shit but you love it,
You keep this tape stashed away under the cupboard,
Who cares what they have to say, don't be a puppet,
These uptight cunts can all go shove it, tell ‘em “Fuck it
I'm gonna drink, smoke and swear
And if you don't fuckin’ like it well then au contraire,
I’ll get up and I’ll beat you with a broken chair,
Other rappers, yeah, they don't compare,
What the fuck has been eating you,
Put some meat in you,
You must be hungry, man, it sucks to be meetin’ you,
I'm only treatin’ you, the way you need to be treated,
I'm sorry I don't mean to be weeded, but I am,
I'm sorry but I'm not sorry”,
Now tell ‘em what I said from the fifth bar to this bar
If they catch you hearin’ what’s bombing
Your ears right now, tell those cunts to pipe down…



(Verse 3)
Tell the haters to eat a dick
And remind ‘em that my balls need a lick,
I see the stick stuck up their butts,
They're gonna think I'm fuckin’ nuts, but fuck them,
I keep it raw like some beef before it's been cooked,
Before you need a fork that fits in good,
And that is why you're never gonna hear this on the airwaves,
Don't get your knickers in a knot like some hair braids
‘Cause if they played this song they’d be inundated
With complaints and start to feel intimidated
So if you ever wanna hear this, press play
Feel free to keep this playin’ until next May,
There's nothin’ wrong with likin’ this song,
Just like when lightin’ a bong,
People are gonna gripe and it's wrong,
Don't listen to ‘em, yeah I'm doin’ this to ruin
Every doubt they ever had about me,
Mainly I am doin’ this for you and…


Track Name: Mind's Eye
Song Title: Mind’s Eye
Artist Name: Grouce

(Verse 1)
Lightning lights up the surface,
The thunder of Thor has war with the serpents
Who mate with their servants,
The Earth grows everyday,
If a tree falls, it makes sound whether we may
Or may not be there to hear it,
It's clear that nobody’s here but I fear none ‘cause I hear
The sound of the oak trees, mounted with oak leaves,
Pound ‘til they're broke and they're found with some broke thieves
Down in your smoke dreams, bound to go choke teens
Surrounded by coke now with dope fiends,
Both teams, I'm playin’ against one another,
I'm goin’ to be undercover,
Another lover of the motherfuckin’ beats,
I've been sayin’ curse words since my first verse, so
Eets if you don't like, I'm like “Get on your bike!”
It's like you are a dyke, I’ll strike you with the mic,
Go and take a hike like pikers,
Fuck your party music, this is for all those on Rikers
Island, all the way to Silverwater jail,
Who can't afford a bail, my heart is sorta pale
One too many times I've tried to harness all the gale-
Force winds, four sins bring in the hail,
The calm before the storm for born to be reborn
But be warned, the three-horned
Beast needs to feast tonight,
Comin’ from the east, at least, the beast has never ceased
Lookin’ for another priest to bite for the feast tonight,
It's Easter, right? No it is not, so pity’s got
The backseat, man, you can go and eat Bo Diddy’s snot,
I know it is not what you expected
But accept it, I'm as fresh as disinfectant…

I don't know what to say,
My mind’s eye tries everyday
To make sense of this world,
It does what it wants, no lie

(Verse 2)
I'd like to welcome the serpent race,
This is about to become a disturbin’ place,
I’ll serve an ace, while in the court
‘Cause I know ‘bout their rackets and their admiralty laws
A casualty caused an effect with affection
Direction is paused from direct intervention,
The tension you cut with knives
Is what I maintain to uplift lives, the fuckwit wives
And husbands that we marry and divorce
End up ridin’ us but it's more like carryin’ a horse,
A chariot of force? Why? There’s more to it,
There's a system that's built us up and it's all druid,
Pour fluid from out the cup
And get ready for a new world where down is up,
I found a pump and now I'm pouring like Earth rain,
Hearin’ all the spirits when they're calling my birth name,
I'm worth way more than you know,
Don't need a quarter of dro to become bored of the flow,
I think I'm caught in a rip and gettin’ pulled out,
Caught in a cool route, I'd call it a hip sort of a trip,
Absorbin’ a chip, stalkin’ a chick, sleep-crime,
I want you all to know I'm havin’ such a sweet time,
I’ll keep rhyme in a tight syntax,
Spin facts into thin wax placing ‘em in packs,
My skin lacks vitamin D,
I’ll make you wish that you were kinder to me,
Columbine, the dollar sign, made up of Isis
I’ll collude with Colombe, include another crisis,
Suffices to say, to raise up all the prices
A crisis is nice as a million Chryslers,
Feelin’ priceless, nice to see
That someone finally knows what Christ to be…


(Verse 3)
When runnin’ up on an okerus
Punch ‘em in the esophagus,
Seein’ the sky on top of us
Fallin’ down on metropolis,
It's really obvious that I'm from Heliopolis,
The Land of the Sun where man is a drum
With hearts beating to the same beat,
Insane heat, heating up the room when they meet,
You may need an aircon, if you are there on
The day that Grouce meets Nefertiti in a kundalini,
I'm needing another meeting immediately,
An immediate means to plead for leniency,
I need ingredients for a medium rare,
I'm speeding a bit, and driving on the median strip,
You've got to face facts, your face cracks,
If Grouce hits you with a bat that breaks backs,
I think I’ll make snacks, who’s hungry,
I’ll sit around eating while I watch Humphrey…

Track Name: Rich Get Richer
Song Title: Rich Get Richer
Artist Name: Grouce

The rich get richer, the poor stay poor,
The system is rigged up, it's all just fraud,
I don't have to tell you, you know by now,
This ain’t no game and there’s no timeouts…

(Verse 1)
Anyone who knows me knows that I hate yuppies,
I hate ‘em just as much as people who rape puppies,
Any dim fool can go to a King’s School
With mum and dad’s money, it's just that simple,
You like to live rich in a life of privilege,
At the charity ball who cares what you give bitch,
It ain’t nothin’ but peanuts
Compared to the rest of the money you have
And all the opportunities that we fucks
Over here never had, don't apologize,
Get out there and pressure the P.M. not to commoditize
Everything from fear to human lives,
Rapin’ the Earth, go and fill up a room with knives
And let's hope he slips and falls
And lands on his face cuts his lips and falls again
But this time he cuts his tits and balls and then
His damn throat, look what this man wrote…


(Verse 2)
Fuck the 1%, who gives a fuck about some cunt that spent
Multi-million dollars on some fuckin’ shit,
Corporate CEO’s can all go suck a dick, fuckin’ prick,
You rich yuppy swine,
There are people starvin’ that’ll sneak up behind
And snatch your fancy shit,
Straight from you, yo that’s a handy tip, your mate’s onto
Somethin’ when they say it's time
To lock yourselves in with your lame kids, I'm
Sure that it'll take more than a million to hold us back
Ain’t no water off a duck’s back
To do what we do and take your shit
And make you shit your pants, yeah, you make us sick,
Raised with a silver spoon, we’ll build a tomb
And seal the room with you in it filled with poo…


(Verse 3)
Tax the rich, if you're rich well then that's a bitch,
Think I saw you go and scratch the itch,
On the backs of these fat cats and the corporate swine,
“I’ma scratch your back if you scratch mine”,
Yeah, that's what you say, “Perhaps if Hussein
Saddam was out of the way by Tuesday
We could have this oil money by Wednesday”,
Again that's what you say, like them bats with Bruce Wayne
Under his mansion, I can see the dark side
Of your soul, you rich fuckin’ arsewipe,
I'm no joker, the queen I’ll choke her,
Fuck you and casinos, high rollers and poker,
I will shoot you with a supersoaker
That’s filled with bleach just to fuck your expensive clothes up,
Stick your nose up at me but I don't suck
Half as much as you when looked at close up…

Track Name: Bad Day
Song Title: Bad Day
Artist Name: Grouce

Blame it on the fact that I'm havin’ a bad day,
I’ll run into the red like a car in a drag race,
I’ll have you motherfuckers all pullin’ a sad face,
Any motherfucker thinkin’ of fuckin’ with me…

(Verse 1)
I've come bearing gifts tonight,
I've got a fuckin’ handful of kryptonite
For anyone who thinks they're super fuckin’ man,
I don't think you know just who the fuck I am,
Don't make me crack your chin,
I’m a Leb but I'm Aussie as Kath & Kim,
I’ll get a car and crash it into your damn house
Then I’ll say to myself, “You're the man, Grouce!”
I'm like what's there to mention,
I’ll be doin’ this ‘til they give me the pension,
A crummy gold watch when I'm old, watch,
“What’s a guy gotta do to get some attention!”
That's all I hear, and the more I hear,
The more my ear cringes before I cheer up
And remember the world’s full of shit cunts
Who all think they're fuckin’ sick cunts, simple…


(Verse 2)
I won't stop, I will roll through you,
Fuck you and your whole crew too,
Shit, I'm too cold to do crystal meth,
I’ll make your fuckin’ head disconnect,
“What the fuck has been up, cunt?” I'm playin’ Duck Hunt
With these ducks, stupid fucks that are fucked up,
I'm bein’ upfront, what the fuck is up?
I’ll come and fuck you fuckers up,
“Oh my gosh, that's an awful thing to say!” What the fuck?
Shut the fuck up and move, bitch, you're in the way
And while you're at it, tell your friend to shut the fuck up too,
What the fuck has been stuck up you?
I’d say there's been a stick stuck up the butt of the world,
Just get your dick sucked, fucked, then nut in a girl
And keep your big mouth shut,
Fuck the world like a fuckin’ girl with a bloody big round butt…


(Verse 3)
I'm pissed off beyond belief,
I just wanna drag a body up along the reef,
I don't wanna hear a sound while I'm in the here and now,
Get the fuck out my way or some shit’s goin’ down,
I’ll get a crowbar from out the trunk
And stick it so far up your butt it's gonna cut
Your insides, watchin’ how the fuckin’ skin slides
Over metal, I hope you settle
Down, don't fuck around, I’ll put you underground
With all the fuckin’ skeletons, no evidence is found,
Blame it on the fact that I'm havin’ a bad day,
I'm stuck in a bad way, I'm mad, hey?
I'm mad as hell, I’ll kill the cat as well,
If you fuck with me, there's gonna be a padded cell
Down in hell waitin’ for your fuckin’ dumbarse,
If anyone asks, tell ‘em that I made you unmask…

Track Name: Life's A Cunt
Song Title: Life’s A Cunt
Artist Name: Grouce

I’ll rape life with a fuckin’ knife,
Tell that fuckin’ bitch, “Listen, you are now mine”,
People like to say that life’s a bitch but that’s a lie,
Life is a cunt ‘til the day that I die,
Watch as I rape life with a fuckin’ knife,
Tell that fuckin’ bitch, “Listen, you are now mine”,
People like to say that life’s a bitch but that’s a lie,
Life is a cunt to be fucked with tonight...

(Verse 1)
While I’m eatin’ on my sandwich,
I’ll be rappin’ in sign language,
Sayin’ every curse word from here to Timbuktu,
Don’t forget my motto has always been “fuck you!”
There's no one left to blame but my mother,
The illest in the game, there's no other,
If life’s a bitch, I came here to fuck her,
If you ain’t down for the same, you're a sucker,
Pucker your lips up, kiss my butt,
Quick, bitch, this the cut to cut your wrists and fist a mutt
I'm gonna get struck by lightning
For sayin’ these things, what the fuck you griping
About now? You hate the Grouce, wow
I wish I cared but I don't, I’ll announce how
I fuckin’ bounce ‘round, not givin’ a fuck,
See this dick, slut? Give it a suck…


(Verse 2)
Life is my bum chum, I like to fuck her in the bum
Then pull it out then tell the bitch to suck it til I cum,
Enough to fill a bucket ‘til I'm done,
Fuck you, I'm too ill for your ears, whatchu still doin’ here?
I ain’t toning it down for nobody,
I'm sorry you're upset but look hey don't worry,
The world’s not going to end
If you go and like this while showing a friend,
I don't know what the problem is,
It must be something that happened when you were kids,
You and the people just like you, who think it's evil what I do
What I've been doin’ when reading out from a haiku,
I couldn't give a flyin’ toss,
I’ll say what I want to say ‘cause around here I am boss,
If I want I’ll take the iron cross
And shove it right up your arse, you're just a giant toss…


(Verse 3)
I’ll grab life by the balls,
Wait, if life’s a bitch, how am i supposed to grab life by the balls,
I’m the ghost livin’ inside of walls,
If Delilah calls, tell her Samson says ‘hi’ because
For no other reason but to say ‘hi’
Every other day I wanna stay high
On that dope shit, oh shit, what’s the deal?
I'm not pill popping, but puffing on ill chronic still,
Blazin’ up the chron don,
With a condom on actin’ like I'm Don Juan,
I’ma take life and rape it with a steak knife,
I fuckin’ hate life, treat it like Sid treated his late wife,
Yo, my raps are hardcore,
My beats are bangin’ like slammin’ a car door
On someone’s head, who cares what someone said,
Fuck you and them and then do a sommerset…

Track Name: Fuckwit
Song Title: Fuckwit
Artist Name: Grouce

You're just another fuckwit
Who wants to fuck with my mind,
I don't even think you wanna try,
Just another fuckwit,
Who has way too much time
To spend talkin’ shit, you say I’m
Just another fuckwit,
If you choke and you die
You can be sure as hell I’m
Gonna say suck shit,
It's a shame you and I
Never seem to see eye to eye…

(Verse 1)
Let's cut to the chase,
If you’re talkin’ shit, you’ll cop an uppercut to the face,
I’m a pacifist like Jesus of Nazareth
But, man, you're so sadistic,
There's only so much one can take before they go ballistic,
Whatchu got against me? Was it somethin’ that I said?
I’ll have you leavin’ here without a head,
Mind blowin’, keep my eyes on where I'm goin’,
Got no time for a guy showin’ no respect,
And same goes for the gals,
Don't mistake foes for your pals,
Who the fuck hell knows what their mouths are yappin’ about
All I wanna do is crap in their mouth,
I ain’t rappin’ like they rap in the south of the U.S.,
Only time you’ll see me do that is if I'm under fuckin’ duress,
Do best, you fools, when at festivals
To come see me and lick the sweat off my testicles…


(Verse 2)
...It's ‘cause you're just a fuckwit.
I'm back for another
Verse while I curse, have a word to your mother,
She raised a cunt who thinks it pays to front,
Yo, I suggest you chill out and blaze the blunt
As long as it's not near me, it is clearly
Obvious your pisspot theory
About me goin’ soft is incorrect,
I'm goin’ harder than a mofo, I'm in effect,
I think I've been erect since the song started,
I tried to go h.a.m. but then my schlong hardened,
I go loco for this rap shit,
Haters lick the balls while eating a fat dick,
Nothin’ left to say like “basically that's it”
This album’s called G-Rated
It was made to be hated
You look familiar, have we dated?
I'm just returning the favour when you get degraded…


(Verse 3)
The next time you're smashed and pissed,
Do the world a favour and slash your wrist
Or, or how about you jump off a cliff,
While puffin a spliff with nothin’ but kiff,
I wish that you would blow out your brains
Or swim in gasoline to see you go out in flames,
I've been thinkin’ it's a blowout in games
Between you and I, mind games,
Eat shit or die tryin’, I hate your face,
You're motherfuckin’ waste of space,
I’ll say that when we’re face to face
Not like you who talks about me
When you travel from place to place,
Okay, now is the time to break bread,
Nah, fuck that, I want you to lie on a lake bed,
You've got a face that is dyin’ to take lead,
I hope someone gives it to ya…

Track Name: Splinter
Song Title: Splinter
Artist Name: Grouce

One way or another, I’ll get under your skin
Like a splinter, it's no wonder you've been
Thinkin’ that I'm insane, maybe I am,
I’ll get under your skin any way that I can…

(Verse 1)
You could do some meth or you could do a pinger,
Feelin’ like your brain has been put through the ringer,
Diced up in a blender, my stuff is an ember
Sparkin’ up flames, yo, I snuff any member
Of any of these half arse labels,
Lyrically I can break ‘em like fuckin’ glass tables,
I assume they don't want me to go and blast staples,
Into their tits, clits, pricks, and nuts after they cast fables
About the Grouce
Like that one lie that got me kicked out the house,
You know sometimes they've got a big mouth and douse
The fuckin’ flame,
Don't fuckin’ blame me when i go fuckin’ up a dame
Or a dude, what else can i do? They've got it comin’,
“To get away, be prepared to do a lot of runnin’”,
Is what I tell ‘em, I'm tellin’ ‘em from the get go
Their spirit is now on fuckin’ death row


One way or another, I'm gonna get under
Your skin, it's no wonder, you've been thinkin’ I'm a
Splinter like a ninja turtle sensei,
I do shit and I don't care what you and your friends say

(Verse 2)
Fuck the scene, it can suck a dick,
It's been a stuck up prick,
All these blow-ins have snuck up quick,
Thousands of whack cunts to choose from, just fuckin’ pick
Get ‘em in your sights, then go chuck a brick,
I'm so fuckin’ sick of these fuckers with no talent
Actin’ like they're fuckin’ kingshit, and act like they're so gallant,
Come to think of it, you're one of them,
While makin’ fun of them, I'm really makin’ fun of you,
I’ll spit in front of you,
Fuck you and the horse you rode in on,
Beam me up Scotty like a Klingon,
Time to get the fuck up out this fuckin’ bitch,
There might not even be a scene to fuckin’ ditch, fuck, bitch!
I would like to see somebody catch me carin’,
Infact, I actually dare ‘em,
They closed down another venue, boo hoo,
I’ll do me, you go and do you…


(Verse 3)
My message hasn't changed, ‘fuck you all’,
I don't care if you're fuckin’ tall or fuckin’ small,
I will punch you in the fuckin’ balls,
Drag you up the fuckin’ walls then gag you,
I'm rawer than wagyu
Steak when it's uncooked,
Wake the fuck up, yeah, I unhooked
From the matrix, I'm unhinged,
I'm off the hinges, the one who lynches
Anybody who fuckin’ whinges,
Time’s up, I'm set to blow,
All those dumb cunts you hang with, try let them know
There's a new sheriff in town, he’s tearin’ it down
To look for the head that's wearin’ the crown
So he can wear it around town
You’ll have to bow down
Like a chick when it's chica-bow-wow,
Make you chow down
On a dick, you fuckin’ prick
All you shitheads can go and suck a dick…


Track Name: Lyrical Combat
Song Title: Lyrical Combat
Artist Name: Grouce

Drop, drop bombs
With the marine corp flak vest with guns and ammo,
I've got seven mack-11’s, with guns and ammo,
I've got seven mack 11’s, with guns and ammo…

(Verse 1)
My first album was deeper than the Nile
But now I'm here to fuck you up for sleepin’ on my style,
I’ll hit you with the raw shit, it'll make you think
That you're gettin’ hit by fuckin’ warship,
I'm a fuckin’ M-16 with this 16-bar verse,
You hate me but you know others do far worse
Than what I do, I'm just talkin’ in metaphors,
People droppin’ bombs on a village somehow get applause,
I'm a walkin’ talkin’ proximity mine,
A kamikaze, I'm fin to be fine,
‘Cause I don't give a damn, I will take this back to Vietnam,
I'm the Vietcong, teach you what it means to be a man,
Knowin’ we are wrong, fightin’ each other to see who can
Overcome the other, a brother is what I am
But you are blind to the facts,
Who am I? I'm the guy who attacks you with raps
While doin’ dabs…


(Verse 2)
It's about time you salute The General
Or I’ll come and shoot that genital
Hangin’ on the left, right, left, oh, I can't decide,
I guess I’ll shoot ‘em both when passin’ by,
You're just a cadet, how could you fuckin’ forget?
I am a vet, but not the one you visit with a sick pet,
If words are weapons, my raps are a big jet
Decked out with warheads
Ready to be dropped down on foreheads,
Listen, you little maggot, I outrank you,
If I tell you to eat shit, you say thank you,
My skills far exceed yours, I've earnt my stripes,
If it weren't for rhymes, I'd cark it because
This is what I was made to do
But there's no politician that I have to cater to
Ten years ago, you wouldn't have even made it through
The front door of the game, to boot, camp scoot…


(Verse 3)
My face is covered in warpaint, you all faint
From the sight of blood, yeah, you all ain’t
Made for lyrical combat, draw first blood
So I can have a reason to lay you down in the Earth’s mud,
A soldier in dark green camo,
I'm shootin’ from the hip, it looks like you need ammo
But all you have is your combat knife,
It's time to get right up close if you want that life
Of mine but I think that's career suicide,
Take a stab at me it's either do or die, who am I?
I'm the man and I'm the one that's tellin’ you to stay calm
Warnin’ you before I'm forced to cover you in napalm,
This ain’t no game, I can throw flame
With a flame thrower then make it go rain
To put you out, how could you doubt
These skills that’ll shoot you down, boy…

Track Name: Fugitives (Arabic)
(Fugitives - Arabic lyrics unavailable)
Track Name: Motherfuckers
Song Title: Motherfuckers
Artist Name: Grouce

Motherfuckers think they've got me pegged…

(Verse 1)
I saw you at my show, what happened? you forgot to boo,
Lookin’ like a dickhead, you didn't know what to do,
I see you talkin’ it up when I'm not around,
But what I found is this, that there's a lot of sound
Being made but nothing worth hearing,
I think I might get my first tat or my first earring
Or, nah, maybe not, can't you see my raps are blazing hot?
They're on fire, they're amazing, what?
What's the issue? The issue is the topic at hand,
My rhymes are hotter than summer in a tropical land
But you can't seem to see that, I’ll roll the dice
And if I get the snake eyes I’ll be cold as ice,
I'm on a level that you can't reach,
I’ll flip the hourglass on crystal blue palm beach,
When you scamps get together you're worse than a sowin’ circle,
You’re blue in the face and it's goin’ purple…


(Verse 2)
My memory’s shot, just like the Kennedys got,
I see my enemies plot, but my identity’s not
To be pegged, I'm gettin’ egged on, I'm keepin’ my head strong,
‘Cause people's’ opinions have always been fuckin’ dead wrong,
I'm goin’ headlong into the beat,
That I made with this rap that you're fin to delete,
I only came here to win and defeat these fuckin’ suckers
I've had it up to here with all of you motherfuckers,
This rap shit’s got me bugged,
Everybody’s gonna cop it, gettin’ properly fucked
But let’s face it, your life? Yeah, it probably sucked
Before I entered into it, admit you want me, cunt,
To turn your mind upside down,
You will find no one that's iller when in my town,
Check the steez, I'm infecting these
Ears of yours, I've been doin’ this for years, because…


(Verse 3)
I'm pissed off beyond belief,
Fuck you if you don't think it's wrong to beef,
Fuck that, you can shove that up your butt,
You're gonna cop an uppercut,
Call out the wrong name and you will get touched,
Piss off the wrong person and real gets much
Fuckin’ realer, you’ll get fucked up like a fuckin’ drug dealer
High on his own supply, no one’s iller than me
But I don't need to single anyone out
To do my thing which some doubt
Is an artform,
If you're talkin’ shit about me, I’ll pin you to the dartboard,
Fuckin’ bullseye, man, I’ll blast you off the map
Then I’ll say, “you fuckin’ asked for that”,
If you don't like what you're hearin’, move on,
No one cares what you think about my new song…

Track Name: That's Grouce
Song Title: That’s Grouce
Artist Name: Grouce

It is time for us to say goodbye
But before I leave I’ll take the time
To tell you that before you know it I’ll be back to do this all again,
To keep it ten multiplied ten, yeah, that's Grouce
You can feel it somewhere in your soul,
Do you really think you're in control,
I don't think you really wanna fuck with me,
There's nothin’ to be gained,
Ask around, they’ll tell you I'm deranged, yeah, that's Grouce…

(Verse 1)
I make raps that excite people, white people,
Talkin’ about shit makes me quite gleeful,
I bite people, yeah, my teeth’ll, provide the right lethal
Dose, tonight I strike sheeple
That are quite feeble, I like evil,
Unrest and upheaval, yeah, I'm goin’ to rub people
The wrong way, should put this on clay,
To tell an archeologist in the future that I've gone cray,
Shit, it's been a long day, grab the ongbay
After you take a hit of this strong jay,
What the song say?
It says go hump a slut then make her your fiance,
Bitch, you ain’t Beyonce
So quit actin’ like your shit don't stink.
Man, chicks don't think,
My dick’s so big that I lie about the size of it,
Yo, get your eyes off it, for real…


(Verse 2)
I wanna dislodge your freakin’ wristwatch,
Snatch your shit, beat you up while your kids watch,
If you wanna judge, suck on this crotch,
I’ll drink enough to make a brother bloody piss scotch,
Take a minute, try imagine a colony
Full of convicts that won't allow marriage equality
I'm gonna fly out my cage
And meet a young bird then go lie ‘bout my age,
Yo, I'm back at it again,
I'm settin’ fire to a pad and a pen, I'm the Ghostwriter/Ghostrider,
Johnny Blaze in a foggy haze,
His body lays stretched out on the floor stressed out,
What's the best route to take,
The shortest way to get this body down to the lake?
At the party, I ain’t leavin’ ‘til the jobs done,
Don't give a shit, I ain't leavin’ even after the cops come…


(Verse 3)
Mask of Jason,
Like a 33rd degree Master Mason
I'm chasin’ a faster pace, so pass the base and play some
Master Ace then blast the bass today, son,
A basket case, I’ll mask my face,
Go and ask your mates, “Who has got the maskin’ tapes?”
The task it takes five minutes,
If I die it's ‘cuz I caught up to my limits,
I’ll give you each a minute, just to try and reach your limit
But then if you don’t, I’ll tear your arm off and beat you with it,
I’ll say “The teacher did it”, then get ‘em fired,
I’ma rap ‘til the day I've retired,
Yo, from the cradle to the grave,
I don't know if I'm able to behave,
I’ll be in the bathroom watching cartoons
With a glass spoon and a harpoon trippin’ far too hard dude…


And that’s a wrap, G-Rated LP, Grouce, 2016 and beyond,
And all tracks produced by moi,
Yeah, anyway, you can fuck off now,